Hotel Capsule Exterior

hotel capsule exterior

hotel capsule exterior

Photography by BenBo – BednBoarding . Italy’s first capsule hotel, BednBoarding (shortened to BenBo), has opened at the Naples Capodichino International Airport. Designed by Carlotta Tartone of Studiotre of Naples, together with marketing manager Carlotta Tartarone of hotel brand Dorelan, the airport hotel is made up of 42 capsule rooms that also includes a lobby, a shared general space ...

The Nakagin Capsule Tower (中銀カプセルタワー, Nakagin Kapuseru Tawā) is a mixed-use residential and office tower designed by architect Kisho Kurokawa and located in Shimbashi, Tokyo, Japan.Completed in just 30 days in 1972, the building is a rare remaining example of Japanese Metabolism, an architectural movement emblematic of Japan's postwar cultural resurgence.

History. In November 1988, Nickelodeon joined the Universal Studios Florida team to make its first production studio. In spring 1989, they filmed its first show there, Super Sloppy Double Dare.On June 7, 1990, the studio (along with the park) officially opened.

A luxurious modern hotel located in the heart of Thailand’s capital city. Featuring 168 rooms and 27 suites with a rooftop pool and spa.

Earlier this month, four rooms of century-old chalkboard drawings were discovered during renovations at an Oklahoma City High School. The charming sketches of pilgrims, turkeys, and little girls ...

Metro Vancouver’s first “pod hotel” is set to open its doors next week. The Panda Pod Hotel, located on No. 3 Road in Richmond, is the latest business to cash in on the trend of “capsule ...

With some research, a few inquiries and a few hours my friend and exploring partner RiddimRyder were able to locate the abandoned time capsule house and we set out on a short road trip to shoot and explore this incredible abandoned house on the shores of Lake Michigan. We reached the house early in the morning as a fresh layer of snow covered the ground.

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Japan is littered with relics of the recent past; derelict husks of buildings known as ‘haikyo‘- a Japanese word that means ruin or abandoned building.Outside Japan exploring these places is known as ‘urbex‘- short for urban exploration. Thousands of these haikyo / ruins / abandonments dot Japan’s dark heartlands; once grand structures now left to rot and collapse, leaving behind ...

The iconic TWA Flight Center at John F. Kennedy International Airport was reborn as the TWA Hotel on Wednesday when it opened its doors to guests.

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