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The Hôtel Guimard was nicknamed "Terpsichore temple" in reference to Mlle Guimard (Terpsichore was the Muse of dance). Above the entrance door was a ballet hall with a ceiling painted by Taravel, painter of the king. The theater was a masterpiece with 500 seats in concurrence with the Opera.

Hôtel Guimard, Paris, France. 5 likes. Marie-Madeleine Guimard was a ballerina at the Paris Opera and earned 600 Francs per year. She made her fortune as...

Hôtel Guimard. Finding his way into the house unaccompanied, Fragonard picked up a palette of paints, and with a few deft touches transformed Mlle Guimard's Terpsichorean smile into a grimace of fury, without lessening in the least the likeness. When La Guimard arrived with an entourage and discovered it, the angrier she became,...

Hotel Guimard. Designed by famed architect Claude Nicolas Ledoux, the Hotel Guimard was constructed for Marie-Madeleine Guimard, a famed dancer and opera singer. It was located at 9 rue de la Chaussée-d’Antin, just north of the Tuileries Gardens. The façade of the building was striking: modeled after an ancient Roman temple,...

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The facade of the hôtel Guimard Hôtel Guimard, dessin de Jean-Baptiste Maréchal Map of the Hotel Guimard, with a theater above the entrance Marie-Madeleine Guimard was a ballerina at the Paris Opera and earned 600 Francs per year. She made her fortune as mistress of the Prince de Soubise and had a hôtel particulier , or mansion, in Pantin , a Paris suburb.

La protégée, M lle Guimard, reçut en courtisane qui sait son monde le financier Laborde, l'évêque de Tarente et d'autres grands personnages. Entretenue par le prince de Soubise ou ses successeurs, mademoiselle Guimard menait grand train et donnait trois soupers par semaine : un pour de grands seigneurs ; un qui réunissait des auteurs, des artistes et des savants ; le troisième était une orgie hebdomadaire, avec des filles.

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The Correspondance Littéraire carried news of the scandal in March 1773, reporting that "the hôtel of Mlle Guimard is almost finished; if it was paid for by Amor, it was designed by Volupté, and this divinity never had a temple in Greece more worthy of her cult. The salon is full of paintings; Mlle Guimard is represented as Terpsichore, with all the attributes that could characterize her in the most appealing way.

Marie-Madeleine Guimard (27 December 1743, [1] Paris — 4 May 1816) was a French ballerina who dominated the Parisian stage during the reign of Louis XVI. [2] For twenty-five years she was the star of the Paris Opera. She made herself even more famous by her love affairs, especially by her long liaison with the prince de Soubise.

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