Hotel Guimard Paris

hotel guimard paris

hotel guimard paris

Map of the Hotel Guimard, with a theater above the entrance. Marie-Madeleine Guimard was a ballerina at the Paris Opera and earned 600 Francs per year. She made her fortune as mistress of the Prince de Soubise and had a hôtel particulier, or mansion, in Pantin, a Paris suburb. It boasted its own theater.

Hotel Guimard by Hector Guimard architect, at Paris, France, 1912, architecture in the Great Buildings Online.

Hector Guimard. (1867-1942) French architect. Guimard introduced Art Nouveau in Paris. He brought it from Bruxelles in 1894 when he visited Horta. This visit has upset all the work he was doing on Castel Beranger. Guimard is the most important Art Nouveau archiect in France. Nevertheless a large part of his works was destroyed.

Hôtel Guimard is a housing that was completed in 1912. The project is located in Paris (16th), Paris, Ile-de-France, France.

Hector Guimard. The idea is taken up – but with less success – in 1907 with a catalogue of cast iron elements applicable to buildings: Artistic Cast Iron, Guimard Style. His greatest success here – in spite of some scandals – was his famous entrances to the Paris Métro, based on the ornamented structures of Viollet-le-Duc.

Hector Guimard & the Paris Metro Paris wasn't the first city to have an underground system , that was London, but the 1900 Paris Exposition was a reason to show the world that Paris, too, could build an efficient mode of mass transportation.

HOTEL MEZZARRA – 60 rue Jean de La Fontaine, 16th arrondissement Rue Jean de la Fontaine concentrates a large number of buildings made by Hector Guimard. The Castel Beranger (see above), the buildings of the n° 17, 19 and 21 – more “conventional” – and the beautiful Mezzara Hotel.

Hector Guimard (1867-1942) Born in Lyon, Guimard attended the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, (1882-85), where he absorbed the theories of the great medievalist restorer and designer Eugene Viollet-le-Duc. In 1885 he continued his studies at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris,...

Hotel Guimard, 1770 by Claude Nicholas Ledoux architect, at Paris, France, 1770, architecture in the Great Buildings Online.

Hector Guimard. Hector Guimard (10 March 1867 – 20 May 1942) was a French architect, who is now the best-known representative of the Art Nouveau style of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Guimard's critical reputation has risen since the 1960s, as many art historians have praised his architectural and decorative work,...

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