Hotel Horror Remake

hotel horror remake

hotel horror remake

Every year there are several new horror movie remakes come out. Most of the remakes get mixed reviews but it looks like the sun will finally shine on them in the session of 2018-2019. Here is the list of upcoming horror movie remakes (new releases) that one should keep an eye on.

Writer/director S.J. Evans was quoted saying: "The remake of The City of the Dead will stay true to the original and concentrate on atmosphere and good old fashioned storytelling, instead of relying on gore or CGI to move the plot along. I grew up watching the classic Universal horrors and was inspired by how the likes of James Whale created this sense of dread and unease with just a look.

Not all horror movie remakes turn out poorly, as this crop of streamable reboots demonstrates. ... And it's probably the finest horror remake ever. Where to watch it: Stream on Starz. Rent ...

The scene-stealer Skeeta Jenkins as Cuddly Bear, the hotel bartender who strikes up a terrific rapport with Markowitz and provides solid comic relief throughout the film’s grislier scenes. Like Carpenter ’s “ The Thing ” and Cronenberg ’s “ The Fly ,” “Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich” is the rare horror remake that manages to be superior to the original.

Movie Review: 'Suspiria' remakes a horror classic while not remaking it. Share Shares Copy Link Copy ... 'Bad Times at the El Royale' showcases a shady hotel with even shadier guests;

Michael Shannon on Hotel Movies and the Delicious Mystery of ‘State Like Sleep’ ... Two different films, one a straight remake of a horror classic, the other a canonical sequel with the ...

Twenty years after its initial release Capcom's rebuilt Resident Evil 2 from scratch. More than just a fantastic remake, it's undoubtedly one of the year's best horror games.

Intriguing remakes, sequels to smash hits, awesome original projects from beloved filmmakers—let's look forward in prolonged anticipation to these horror films that will blow us all away in 2019 ...

The Remake: If ever there was a horror concept that could lure Peter Jackson back to the genre, it’s Shocker , ... When people start going missing in a hotel room, an investigative reporter sets ...

Untitled Kyrie Irving Horror Film. NBA star Kyrie Irving will star in and executive produce a currently untitled horror film concerning a haunted hotel in Oklahoma, Bloody-Disgusting reports.

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