Hotel Ice Machine

hotel ice machine

hotel ice machine

Ice machines are found everywhere in hotel settings. You’ll find commercial ice makers and dispensers in nearly every corridor and on every floor of hotels. Hotel customers have come to expect food-grade quality ice at their disposal and Easy Ice 100% guarantees the hotel ice machines are performing optimally at all times.

The Manitowoc SPA-160 hotel ice dispenser features a high volume design, optimized to meet the strict sanitary needs of hotel, food service, and health care industries. Its 20" wide, high-volume design holds up to 120 lb. of ice, and it can be paired with 22" wide Manitowoc ice machines.

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Designed for bucket filling by hotel guests or ice dispensing for institutions or factories. The streamlined design and patented rocking chute dispensing mechanism reduces in-flight ice and ice spillage.

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The best hotels have an ice maker in nearly every corridor and on every floor, but hotel ice machines are expensive and proper ice machine care costs even more.

Hotel Ice Machines Although this category specifically advertises hotel ice machines, and trust us these machines are perfect for hotels, these babies can be used just about anywhere you need access to ice without the hassle of a scoop and bin combination.

Our commercial ice makers are great for any restaurant, bar, concession stand, hospital, or hotel. Browse our units that produce cube ice for drink service in your bar or restaurant, or check out our machines that make smaller flake ice for your nursing home or retirement community.

Ice makers and ice machines are important devices for many restaurant businesses. The ice makers, ice machines and accessories you will find here are superior products designed for efficient performance, speed, and durability.

With a hotel ice dispenser, because there are likely to be a large number of those units in a given facility, the ice maker head units used with them are more often water cooled. Using this type of system significantly cuts down on the noise and heat produced by the compressor in guest areas.

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