Hotel Okinawa Abandoned

hotel okinawa abandoned

hotel okinawa abandoned

Nakagusuku Hotel Ruin – The Background Story. Yep, the Nakagusku Hotel Ruin is an unfinished building – carcass and interior completion are both unfinished. The story is that a rich business man from Naha, Okinawa’s capital about 10km to the southwest, wanted to take advantage of the beautiful location right next to the Nakagusku Castle,...

Haunted, abandoned hotel complex on Okinawa is a lesson against messing with Japan’s spirits. A luxury leisure resort on the lush hillside of Okinawa. Panoramic ocean views. A waterpark, a petting zoo, a night club. Now crumbling into ruins, swallowed up by nature reclaiming the land developers tried to take.

also, the hotel is only about 50 yards from the nakagusuku castle ruins. there are plenty of reasons for this hotel to be haunted. however, the real reason the construction of this hotel was abandoned was due to the castle ruins and surrounding area becoming a world heritage site. i did a lot of research on the area to find the truth and though most of what i’ve found is consistent with the story above, i dug up that true info on a japanese site i had to convert to english.

Sure enough, there were several strange accidents and deaths, the money dried up, and the project was abandoned. Some say the businessman went insane; others say he died mysteriously after spending the night in the hotel. Some also say that a Buddhist monk lives there, keeping angry spirits at bay.

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One of the most haunted abandoned sites in Japan is located in the region of Okinawa. In here lies the Nakagusuku Kogen Hotel (中城高原ホテル) which is apparently an unfinished building built by the Nakagusuku Park Association.

But hidden behind and just near the Medieval castle (approximately 160 feet to the south) are located the notable and haunting ruins of Nakagusuku Hotel. The construction of the complex, which was designed to be a hotel and theme park, was started in the 1970s by an investor from Naha, the capital of Okinawa Prefecture.

And although I spent about eight hours on the premises the Nakagusku Hotel Ruin became one of the few places I really want to revisit, if possible in late winter (whatever that means in Okinawa…) when there is a little less vegetation – without the shadow of a doubt the best abandoned hotel I’ve ever been to, probably the most amazing ...

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