Hotel Pyongyang North Korea

hotel pyongyang north korea

hotel pyongyang north korea

The Ryugyong Hotel (Chosŏn'gŭl: 류경려관; sometimes spelled as Ryu-Gyong Hotel), or Yu-Kyung Hotel, is an unfinished 105-story, 330-metre-tall (1,080 ft) pyramid-shaped skyscraper in Pyongyang, North Korea. Its name ("capital of willows") is also one of the historical names for Pyongyang.

#8 Best Value of 9 places to stay in Pyongyang “ I spent most of my time in Pyongyang staying at the Yanggakdo Hotel, which has nicer rooms and a lot of activities to do (karaoke, bowling, ping pong, etc.).

News > World North Korea: Ryugyong 'Hotel of Doom' is one of the biggest mysteries in Pyongyang. Three rooms at the top of the so-called 'hotel of doom', which is still not open, have recently ...

Rising above the skyline of Pyongyang stands the Ryugyong Hotel. More than twice the height of the Great Pyramids, this pyramid of glass stands as a testament to the accomplishments and failures of the modern-day pharaohs of North Korea.. Construction on the mysterious “Hotel of Doom” began in 1987 under the direction of Kim Il-sung, the Eternal President of the Republic.

In Pyongyang, North Korea it dwarfs every other structure in sight, dominating not only the skyline but the city itself. It is North Korea’s largest building, and yet it remains for the moment ...

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