Hotel Transylvania Gender Bender

hotel transylvania gender bender

hotel transylvania gender bender

An organization of militaristic vampire Hunters called the Order of the sun tracks down Dracula to Hotel Transylvania and kills his guests. It triggers an all out war, Dracula knows its all his fault, his past has come back to haunt him.

Follow/Fav Hotel translyvania 3 genderbender. By: ... + - Full 3/4 1/2 Expand Tighten I don't own Hotel Transylvania. Male Mavis. Female Johnny. 1895. A bat flies into a balcony of a castle and changes into a vampire. The window opens to reveal the room of a baby. A shadow approaches a crib. Peek a boo said a man. the baby who is a boy cries.

Gender Swap Disney Genderbent Mavis Hotel Transylvania Gender Bent Disney Disney Gender Bender Pixar Characters Disney Dream Disney Love Disney Style. More information. Saved by. Courtney Monroe. 2. Similar ideas ... "the little mermaid gender bender"" Honestly think it would have made a better story too. Ariel little mermaid"

True Love One Shots Mavin *Genderbent Mavis from Hotel Transylvania* Silent Air. ... And by normal thing I mean floating around the Hotel, hiding in the shadows so that the Count can't see me. To be entirely honest with you, after doing this for 118 years it's really getting old. I wish I could leave this place but I can't.

6,640 Likes, 150 Comments - Princegutz (@princegutzcosplay) on Instagram: “Mavis Gender Bender - Hotel Transylvania "I'm a hundred and eighteen years old." Here i ammmm the…”

Cross - Alternate - Gender Bender. Cross - Alternate - Gender Bender. Inks. Inks. Pencil Line Art. Pencil Line Art. Comic Book. Comic Book. GIF. GIF. Stamps - Banners. Stamps - Banners. Chibi - Japenese. ... Hotel Transylvania Mellodee 101 13 Hotel Transylvania Neefz 64 17 Hotel Transylvania .Dracula.

I don't own any of the characters or the movie Hotel Transylvania but this is an x reader and I will add the second movie into this to. sugarskull1480. hotel. romance +4 more #17. The Heroine wanted to capture me i... by Mifuyu. 45.6K 1.5K 28.

We just can’t get enough of these genderswapped Disney and Dreamworks characters . Search Search Hide search. Home Page Contribute ... altering it just enough to be gender-appropriate while maintaining the trademark look of each character. ... Esmeralda Sinbad Jack Frost Eugene/Flynn Rider Mavis from Hotel Transylvania . About the author ...

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