Ice Hotel Bar

ice hotel bar

ice hotel bar

Icebar by Icehotel Stockholm is located in the city center, inside Hotel C nearby the Central Station. The bar is made of Torne River ice, and holds sub-zero temperature all year round. Naturally, the drinks are served IN the rocks, in glasses made of ice.

ice hotel/bar Oct 27, 2012, 6:46 PM Hi my family are planning to be in Quebec city just for a night - the week before Christmas. keen to visit an ice hotel or an ice bar.

A different romantic getaway. Switch lace for wool. Silk sheets for a sleeping bag. A bustling city for the serene nature. Book your mini holiday at ICEHOTEL anytime of the year.

Step out of Nevada’s heat and into a refreshing experience at Las Vegas’ Ice Bar. Located on Fremon Street, this intimate bar offers up a cool and sleek atmosphere overlooking the pool and shark tank.

World’s 10 Coolest Ice Hotels. Kristy Alpert & Amanda Oppold ... or grab a frosty drink in an ice glass at the Ice Bar. ... The Behind the Scenes tour shows how the immense snow and ice hotel is ...

Welcome to the world's first permanent icebar - ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL Stockholm. Enjoy a drink in a glass made of ice at a temperature of -7 degrees.

The ice hotel itself was at a constant temperature of 5 degree C. The staff itself was friendly and super accommodating. You could tell it was a touristy place since everyone spoke pretty good English. They also have an icehotel 365 which has an ice bar. All the cups are made with ice and the champagne glass are hand carved so definitely get a ...

Overnight stays include an Ice Bar cocktail, access to the *hot* tubs (not too hot the night we were there!) and sauna, gear to sleep in the Ice Hotel rooms (thermal sleeping bag and camping pillow) plus instructions on how to stay warm, and hot morning beverage.

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