Igloo Hotel Alaska

igloo hotel alaska

igloo hotel alaska

Abandoned Igloo Hotel – Igloo City, Alaska. The closest nearby town to this abandoned igloo hotel is Cantwell, which has around 220 year-round residents. Hundreds of thousands of travelers pass by Igloo City each year en route to Interior Alaska destinations such as Denali National Park, the old Denali Highway, and Fairbanks.

Located twenty miles from the nearest town of Cantwell, Alaska, Igloo City is an igloo-shaped hotel that has been left to the elements for over 40 years.

A giant igloo. Situated on the George Parks Highway, 180 miles out of Anchorage on the route towards Fairbanks, Igloo City as it is known stands out like the proverbial sore thumb. It has become something of a tourist attraction in its own right.

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Norway. Carved entirely out of ice, this exceptional hotel looks like something straight out of Disney’s Frozen – and at night, it has the amazing Aurora Borealis just outside its doors to boot. Celebrating its 16th anniversary this winter, Sorrisniva has a short lifespan; opening in January,...

Igloo Hotel in Alaska. The building was round and had animal skins on the inside, as natural insulation that did not allow the heat from the fire inside to melt the ice outside. Any way, starting from this tradition, some people in Cantwell, Alaska, thought it would be a great idea to build a hotel that looked just like an igloo,...

Alaska Igloo Hotel. Igloo hotel in alaska abandoned image credit flickr user mcgeez click here for the full post abandoned igloo hotel alaska gl igloos smith wanted it to become a destination hotel lasting tribute his abiding love of the 49th state and place visitors would remember as fondly.

Let's be clear, the igloo is in no livable condition. Intended as a hotel in the 1970s, the 80-foot-tall structure was abandoned and never finished.

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