Illinois Medical District Boundaries

illinois medical district boundaries

illinois medical district boundaries

The Illinois Medical District (IMD) is a special-use zoning district two miles west of the loop in Chicago, Illinois.The IMD consists of 560 acres of medical research facilities, labs, a biotechnology business incubator, a raw development area, four major hospitals, two medical universities, and more than 40 health care related facilities.

For nearly 200 years, Chicago has been home to people who dream of what’s next—and then make it real. That heritage continues in the Illinois Medical District, where the next generation of innovators is reshaping the practice of medicine.

About 30,000 people work within the boundaries of the Illinois Medical District, according to the IMDC. The Gateway project, being developed by Higgins, East Lake and Chicago-based Thomas Samuels ...

It is a primarily residential area completely surrounded by the boundaries of the Mid Illinois Medical District. Memorial Medical Center is located at the western edge of the neighborhood, St. John’s Hospital on the eastern edge, and SIU School of Medicine and Prairie Cardiovascular on the southern boundary.

In 2007, it was renamed the Mid-Illinois Medical District and covers an area in the City of Springfield bounded by 11th Street on the east, Madison Street on the south, Walnut Street on the west, and North Grand Avenue on the north. While the boundaries for the Medical District are slightly larger than that of Enos Park, it is the residential ...

In addition to houses in Illinois Medical District, there were also 0 condos, 0 townhouses, and 1 multi-family unit for sale in Illinois Medical District last month. Illinois Medical District is a fairly walkable neighborhood in Chicago with a Walk Score of 81. Illinois Medical District is home to approximately 833 people and 16,672 jobs.

In 1941, the Illinois General Assembly created the Illinois Medical District (IMD) whose boundaries included all of the Tri-Taylor neighborhood east of Oakley St and west of Ogden, and which granted the IMD regulatory control over all properties and buildings within its boundaries.

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