Knowledge Of Russian In Eu 2000x2044 Mapporn

knowledge of russian in eu 2000x2044 mapporn

knowledge of russian in eu 2000x2044 mapporn

But in all censuses Russian play large role in the city how it was. Spreading propaganda like: It was estonian city until it was bombed and settled by Russian is a putin style (or goebbels style) propaganda without truth. Russians were always a large ethnicity there. Now there is more of them, but still Russian was an important language for ages.

So if you consider people who remember 10 russian words from school as someone who have knowledge,then those numbers are correct i guess. If you go on the street and start talk to people in russian language then there is no way 10-19% would understand you,i bet my life on it.

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English: Knowledge of Russian EU map and candidate countries with an accession date planned (Croatia and Iceland, but Iceland data is unavailable). Français : Connaissance du russe dans l'Union européenne et dans les États candidats dont la date d'adhésion est prévue (à savoir la Croatie et l'Islande, la donnée pour l'Islande étant ...

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The narrative of ”Protests in Europe” never disappear from top Russian TV channels “Protests in Europe” by months 0 50 100 150 200 250 v c Feb r r y v c Feb r r y v c Feb r r y v c 2014 2015 2016 2017

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Perhaps the most notable critic of the semi-official 26.6 million figure is the Soviet/Russian historian Viktor Zemskov, who comes on the other side of the debate and maintains that the lower, pre-Gorbachev figure of 20 million dead is the most accurate estimate to date.[2]

After Faisal II was overthrown in a military coup on 14 July 1958, the newly proclaimed Republic of Iraq led by General Abd al-Karim Qasim re-established relations with the Soviet Union, and the Soviet Union began selling arms to Iraq.

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