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kristina michelle horror hotel

kristina michelle horror hotel

Kristina is the co-founder, station producer and COO of The Reel TV Network (2011-present), most known for the show "Horror Hotel", which is now available nationally over-the-air on both Retro TV and The Action Channel, streaming on ROKU, online, and on numerous independent TV stations.

Kristina Michelle began performing on stage in 1998 and transitioned to the film industry as an actress in 2004. She now works primarily as a producer and host, known for shows like "Horror Hotel" and "The Reel Show". She is also the producer of The Indie Gathering International Film Festival, co-founder and producer of The International Horror ...

Kristina Michelle of “Horror Hotel”. The show is currently the top-watched show in over 200 countries through SWIG.TV after just three episodes, and it is gaining more fans by the day. The show is currently available in over 2,000,000 homes and growing. “Horror Hotel” is sponsored by Kristina’s festival The International Horror Hotel Film Fest...

Kristina Michelle’s Horror Hotel is the scariest thing since the Bates Motel. But don’t say Michelle and Norman Bates have anything in common. But don’t say Michelle and Norman Bates have anything in common.

I was lucky enough to interview the hostess, Kristina Michelle, who also writes and produces the show. She also produces Horror Hotel, The Indie Gathering, and United Latino film festivals. All of which operate during the summer at the Clarion Inn in Hudson, Ohio.

KRISTINA: Yes, our other festival is coming up even sooner. Horror Hotel is on May 18th and 19th at the same place, and we’re still accepting submissions until March 1st. That fest is geared toward horror, horror-comedy, slasher and sci-fi.

A preview of what LinkedIn members have to say about Kristina: I had Kristina Michelle visit my Drama Club with LCS and help run a workshop. Although this was a while ago, she did a superb job.

Horror Hotel with Lamia, “Queen of the Dark”. A bove is the full and most recent episode of Horror Hotel, shown on the Reel TV Network and hosted by Lamia (pronounced “Lay-me-uh”), portrayed by Kristina Michelle, the hard-working lady behind the Reel TV Network. As she introduces the 1959 Vincent Price classic The House on Haunted Hill,...

I am really enjoying Horror Hotel on Reel TV. I wish it was on cable in my city! I know it's on air in some cities right now - would love to see it branch out more so I can watch it on my TV. Kristina Michelle as Lamia is a great horror host!

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