Latitude Narva Estonia

latitude narva estonia

latitude narva estonia

Narva, Estonia Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 59.379913, 28.191261 . Narva is a wonderful old small city located in the easternmost point of Estonia, on the banks of the Narva river, near the border with Russia.

Narva is located in Estonia country, in Europe continent (or region). DMS latitude longitude coordinates for Narva are: 59°22'37.99"N, 28°11'25.01"E . • Latitude position: Equator ⇐ 6602km (4102mi) ⇐ Narva ⇒ 3405km (2116mi) ⇒ North pole .

Narva Reservoir (Estonian: Narva veehoidla, Russian: На́рвское водохрани́лище) is a reservoir by Narva River, shared by Russia and Estonia.

Narva is a city found in Ida-Virumaa, Estonia. It is located 59.38 latitude and 28.19 longitude and it is situated at elevation 30 meters above sea level. Narva has a population of 66,980 making it the biggest city in Ida-Virumaa. It operates on the CEST time zone. The Most Dangerous Cities in the World. The Largest Countries in the World.

Narva, Estonia. Current time zone offset: UTC/GMT +3 hours The current time and date in Narva is 11:14 PM on Saturday, March 31, 2018.

Narva is the 3rd most populated city in Estonia (see coordinates for Estonia). Tartu which is the capital of the Tartu County province, located 139.2 Km SW of Narva is the 2nd most populated (see coordinates for Tartu ).

The latitude is the position relative to the equator, specifying the north-south position. The longitude specifies the east-west position measured from a reference meridian (usually the Greenwich Prime Meridian). The latitude and longitude of Narva have been calculated based on the geodetic datum WGS84.

Narva: 59° 22' N, 28° 10' E Parnu: 58° 23' N, 24° 29' E Valga: 57° 46' N, 26° 2' E; Latitudes and Longitudes: (specific details) Find any Latitude & Longitude; Relative Locations: (specific details) RELATIVE LOCATION: Located in northern Europe, Estonia is geographically positioned in the northern and eastern hemispheres.

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Tallinn, Estonia Lat Long Coordinates Info. The latitude of Tallinn, Estonia is 59.436962, and the longitude is 24.753574. Tallinn, Estonia is located at Estonia country in the Cities place category with the gps coordinates of 59° 26' 13.0632'' N and 24° 45' 12.8664'' E. Tallinn, Estonia elevation is 13 meters height, that is equal to 43 feet.

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