Menger Hotel Haunted

menger hotel haunted

menger hotel haunted

Stay in the most haunted Hotel in Texas. Over the last century-and-a-half the Menger Hotel, located on the Alamo Plaza in San Antonio, Texas, has been witness to more than just the extracurriculars of a robber. It’s been the scene of Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders recruitment, a devastating fire, and a host of other strange happenings.

Menger Hotel, San Antonio, TX. Widely regarded as the ‘Most Haunted Hotel in Texas’, the Menger Hotel in Alamo, TX, is reportedly home to as many as 32 ghosts. Although none have been reported as threatening, you may come in to contact with them as they pleasantly go about their daily business.

13th Floor Haunted House About a mile from the Menger. San Antonio’s longest running haunted house, the 13th Floor, is set in a historic hotel where gruesome events allegedly have occurred—and serial killers, psychopaths and monsters are out to get you.

Haunted Menger Hotel in San Antonio. On the National Register of Historic Places, the Menger Hotel is one of the best known and oldest hotels in the state of Texas. Continuing to cater to travelers today, the hotel is also said to be home to several resident ghosts. Opened by William Menger on February 1, 1859,...

Menger Hotel: Our stay at the haunted, Menger Hotel - See 3,287 traveler reviews, 1,091 candid photos, and great deals for Menger Hotel at TripAdvisor.

The Haunted Menger Hotel. There is a very interesting spirit that is often seen in the area where the lobby originally was at one time in the hotel. This spirit is a lady that simply sits knitting something. She is wearing a blue dress that seems to be from an older time period. She also wears small, metal glasses.

The hotel was built in the same location that the Menger Brewery had operated. The brewery was said to be the first in Texas. Menger was a German brewer who had immigrated to the United States in the early 1840's.

How the Menger Hotel came to be San Antonio's most 'haunted' hotel. The gallery above features old photographs and detailed interiors along with notable moments throughout the Menger's past from the Roosevelt's recruitment of the Rough Riders, to the murder of a chambermaid and the lobby funeral of a cattle baron.

Ghosts. The hotel holds the unofficial title of "The Most Haunted Hotel in Texas.". The Menger claims to host 38 different spirits including Richard King and Sallie White, a maid at the Menger who was murdered by her husband and buried at the hotel's expense.

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