Minecraft Biggest Hotel

minecraft biggest hotel

minecraft biggest hotel

INTRODUCTIONHave you ever wanted to experience a fully detailed hotel in Minecraft Well here you have it 38 Floors fully detailed with lighting signs redstone devices exterior interior and everything else that you have ever wanted to imagine The hotel started in early 2012 by TheDenux and...

Minecraft community on reddit. uhhhh....kinda. I guess thats one way of looking at it. Basically you create a world in creative mode with say....a giant hotel, Then you turn it into an adventure world, You load it online and let people play in it.

Fan Server IP mc.kaoshkraft.net Minecraft Modern Hotel built by Fracture1990 on the Fan server Fan Server IP - Hosted by http://www.envioushost.com/client/aff ...

3524860464674525930 seed. 240 room minecraft hotel complete with a lobby, dining room, theater, disco hall, 3 story under ground mall, pool, train depot and more its 26 stories and each floor takes up 5 blocks. I started this map several months ago as a castle. Its the tall portion on the left side of the screen shot.

One of the standard rooms and since it in the far corner of the hotel it has been upgraded with ceiling window.

1 Answer 1. From MineCraftWiki: Basically, Minecraft has the capability to create a map bigger than any HDD could hold. Now, the largest map I've seen in existence is a 23GB map someone generated based off of World of Warcraft map files, but I don't know of a definitive "largest map".

Seemed the goal of each floor of the hotel was to find another elevator, one that would take me even higher up the hotel. Could the top floor be my only hope? I'd have to find out the hard way, creeping through the maze-like corridors, avoiding monstrous ghosts.

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