Minecraft Hotel Penthouse

minecraft hotel penthouse

minecraft hotel penthouse

Amazing hotel, i wish this was in the real world. if it was in the real world: the prices will be: Penthouse Suite: $2500-$3500 per person per night

Hey guys My new project is a small holiday penthouse. The house itself does'nt look very special but I mainly focuse on the outer area. I have big plans for it and will build more penthouses next to it when it's done.

A hotel that i ve build with a penthouse on the top with some green gardens on top. Download map now! The Minecraft Project, Modern hotel with penthouse, was posted by David98.

Located on the Empire Minecraft smp5 server is The Eden Hotel and Resort. We have cheap rooms and luxurious rooms, there also is a penthouse available. We have rooms in both of the three hotel towers. The hotel has a lounge, restaurant, SPA and pool. The hotel is build with the concept of nature and peace.

Met deze command kan jij in 10 seconden een écht hotel/penthouse maken in Minecraft! Command: https://ijaminecraft.com/cmd/hotel_generator_1.11/ Vind jij dez...

Das erste Video in diesem Jahr, diesmal jedoch keine Villa, sondern eine Penthouse-Wohnung inmitten der Großstadt. Eine Vorwarnung: Von außen ist das Hochhaus kein Augenschmaus, also bleibt ...

Luxury Rooms & Penthouse Penthouse Suite Located on the top floor of the hotel, and just a few steps from our famous widow’s walk (which offers 360 degree panoramic views of historic Ocean Grove), our Penthouse Suite boasts luxurious surroundings like no other.

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