Most Haunted Hotels In Alabama

most haunted hotels in alabama

most haunted hotels in alabama

One great example of haunted accommodation in Alabama is the Hampton Inn and Suites in downtown Montgomery (formerly The Greystone Hotel). There is a female entity that lurks on the fourth floor of the property and staff are also plagued by phantom phone calls to the front desk.

Alabama is home to some of the most haunted hotels you’ll ever stay in. Shadowy figures, laughter coming from children, slamming doors and lights flickering on and off are just a few of the many strange occurrences that have been witnessed by guests in several Alabama hotels, causing them to check out early.

The most famous ghost at the hotel is the apparition of Hank Williams, who has allegedly been seen in the room he stayed in prior to his untimely death." About Us About Alabama Media Group

It was not until the 1950s that the structure was transformed into the Hotel Highland. Since that time the hotel has been a quality destination for people to stay when visiting the Birmingham area. In addition to being a historic hotel, the Highland is also among the most haunted hotels in Birmingham, Alabama.

From restaurants and hotels, to houses and bridges, there are many haunted places located throughout Alabama. If paranormal activity fascinates you, you’ll most definitely want to book a stay at The Tutwiler—one of Alabama’s most haunted hotels. Not only will you be staying at one of the state ...

The 13 Most Bone-Chilling & Haunted Places in Alabama. Bailey Torkelson. ... Birmingham’s oldest and most historic hotel, The Redmont Hotel has a surprisingly haunted past. Apparently, the ghost of a woman in white who passed away in the hotel has been seen on the ninth floor. Additionally, the ghost of a former owner, Clifford Stiles, is ...

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