Narva Castle

narva castle

narva castle

The Narva Castle is one of the main attractions of the city. In the seventh decade of the 13th century, the Danes established a castle as a residence for the Danish King’s vice-Regent. The Narva Castle is the most diverse and best preserved defence structure in Estonia.

Hermann Castle (also Hermannsfeste, Herman Castle, Narva Castle, and Narva fortress.(Estonian: Hermanni linnus) is a castle in Narva, eastern Estonia.It was founded in 1256 by the Danes and the first stone castle was built in the beginning of the 14th century. The German Livonian Teutonic knights order purchased the castle on 29 August 1346, and for most of its history the castle was German ...

Stunning architecture of fortifications as East meets West. The Narva Castle was built in the 14th Century to guard the Narva River and has its counterpart (although much bigger ) on the Russian side.

Narva Castle. The foundation of the Narva Castle (a.k.a. Hermann Castle) has been laid in the 13th century when the Danes have built wooden fortifications. The construction has been gradually improved and empowered, which led to the creation of the city of Narva (name of the river, near which the castle was built).

Narva Castle (known officially as Hermann Castle) is located in the extreme North-East of Estonia, on the banks of the Narva River. It’s actually closer to St Petersburg than Tallinn, but today it is very much Estonian.

Somehow, Narva Castle also remains standing. Along with the riverside bastions, the castle complex has been turned into the Narva Museum. Visitors can climb atop the restored Hermann Tower and peer across the river into Ivangorod Fortress. The dozen or so floors of the castle tower hold museum exhibits.

Description of Narva Castle . Narva Castle was constructed in the 13th century by the Danish forces after the conquered this region of the Baltic sea. In 1346 the wooden structure was replaced by a stone stronghold. Later Tall Hermann Tower was added that reached a height of 51 meters.

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