Narva Estonia Border Crossing

narva estonia border crossing

narva estonia border crossing

BY CAR AT NARVA-IVANGOROD BORDER CROSSING POINT. 1. If you are planning to visit Russia, you need to obtain a Russian visa in your home country before you arrive to Estonia.Please contact your local Russian Consulate for all the details.

Much of the border with Estonia is water, passing through the channel of the Narva River and Lake Peipsi, but in the south there is a land border, parts of which were disputed when Estonia joined the European Union and NATO.

The border procedures looked quite strict to me - this sure ain't a relaxed Western European border post. Thanks for the info. I will be leaving from Tallinn and arriving in Narva in the day.

A waiting area of motorbikes and passenger cars for border crossing opens in South-East Estonia. ... Vehicles wanting to cross the border must drive straight to the border. . at Narva border crossing point for booking a place in the queue for a certain time one must pay 1,50 € for border crossing and pay a waiting area fee according to the ...

Thence to Narva, the easternmost border point between the EU. Crossing the bridge is out of the question. And as the river is very closely watched by Russian border guards on foot, in watchtowers and patrol boats this is a huge challenge.

Re: Ivangorod-Narva border crossing Mar 17, 2013, 1:02 PM Does anyone know if there is a queue at the border Ivangorod-Narva, when you come by car from the Russian side.

1.1. The waiting area is a parking space located at the address Rahu, 4a, Narva, which is used for parking of vehicles that arrive in Narva for the crossing of the state border at the border station Narva 1. 1.2. The personnel of the waiting area acts according to the Agreement concluded with Ministry of Estonia. 1.3.

On 2011, the procedure for crossing the border at the Estonian-Russian border changed. According to the new procedure, a common border crossing queue information system was created, which is used in three Estonian road border points (in the direction of exiting Estonia): Narva-Ivangorod, Koidula-Kunitsina Gora and Luhamaa-Shumilkina.

Narva is the third largest city in Estonia. It is located at the eastern extreme point of Estonia, at the Russian border, on the Narva River which drains Lake Peipus.

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