Narva Estonia Swamps

narva estonia swamps

narva estonia swamps

The Battle of Narva was a military campaign between the German Army Detachment "Narwa" and the Soviet Leningrad Front fought for possession of the strategically important Narva Isthmus on 2 February – 10 August 1944 during World War II.. The campaign took place in the northern section of the Eastern Front and consisted of two major phases: the Battle for Narva Bridgehead (February to July ...

Background. Breaking through the Narva isthmus situated between the Gulf of Finland and Lake Peipus was of major strategic importance to the Soviet Armed Forces. The success of the Estonian Operation would have provided unobstructed advance along the coast to Tallinn, forcing Army Group North to escape from Estonia for fear of being besieged.For the Baltic Fleet trapped in an eastern bay of ...

Land. Situated in northeastern Europe, Estonia juts out into the Baltic Sea, which surrounds the country to the north and west.To the east Estonia is bounded by Russia—predominantly by the Narva River and Lakes Peipus (Peipsi; Russian: Chudskoye Ozero), Tyoploye, and Pskov—and to the south it is bounded by Latvia.

Baltic states: Baltic states, northeastern region of Europe containing the countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea. They are bounded on the west and north by the Baltic Sea, on the east by Russia, on the southeast by Belarus, and on the southwest by Poland and an exclave of Russia.

The Russian Federation emerged as a great power in the early twenty-first century, also considered to be an energy superpower. The country is considered the Soviet Union's successor state in diplomatic matters, and is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.

Alexander Aminoff (1888-1918) Nyt fideikomissin haltijaksi ja tilan isännäksi tuli Emilie Aminoffin ainoa jäljelle jäänyt poika, filosofian maisteri Alexander Aminoff (s. 1865, k. 1918).Se asema, jonka Pekkala on saanut Suomen suurtilojen keskuudessa, on Alexander Aminoffin ansiota, ja se perustuu niin maanviljelyn kuin metsänhoidon tasoon ja laajuuteen.

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