Old Town Narva Estonia

old town narva estonia

old town narva estonia

History Early history. People settled in the area from the 5th to 4th millennium BC, as witnessed by the archeological traces of the Narva culture, named after the city. The fortified settlement at Narva Joaoru is the oldest known in Estonia, dated to around 1000 BC. The earliest written reference of Narva is in the First Novgorod Chronicle, which in the year 1172 describes a district in ...

The Narva (Estonian: Narva jõgi; Russian: Нарва) or Narova is a river flowing into the Baltic Sea, the largest river in Estonia by discharge.Draining Lake Peipsi, the river forms the border of Estonia and Russia and flows through the towns of Narva/Ivangorod and Narva-Jõesuu into Narva Bay.Though the river is only 77 kilometres (48 mi) long, in terms of volume discharged it is the ...

Explore Estonia holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | Estonia doesn’t have to struggle to find a point of difference; it’s completely unique. It shares a similar geography and history with Latvia and Lithuania, but culturally it’s distinct. Its closest ethnic and linguistic buddy is Finland, though 50 years of Soviet rule in Estonia have separated the two.

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Discover a vibrant and historic city from our Tallinn hotel The lively city of Tallinn is known for its medieval architecture, which looks as if it’s jumped straight from the pages of a fairy tale.

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We are located in the centre of Tallinn, next to Kadriorg Park and the Tallinn bay. A strip of land next to Narva Road situates most of our educational, research and creative activities. Only a few areas of study are located outside the main campus.

To mark Estonian Independence Day (February 24), here are a few things you didn't know about the Baltic state. The country has distinctly more women than men. For every 100 females in Estonia ...

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