Parade Narva Estonia

parade narva estonia

parade narva estonia

Today on 02/24/2015 a military parade was held in Narva (Estonia). Among the participants was also the 2d Cavalry Regiment from the US. The President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves was present at the parade of the Estonian Declaration of Independence.

NATO member Estonia has held a military parade in border town of Narva, just 300 meters from the Russian border. Tallinn is a long-time critic of Moscow, which it accuses of having an aggressive policy towards the Baltic nation.

Estonia celebrates Victory Day. ... the Midsummer Eve celebration on the same night will see thousands of bonfires lighting up the sky across Estonia. ... the annual military parade also commemorates and recognises the contributions of all Estonians in their fight to regain and retain their independence.

2/25/2015 NATO Military Parade in Narva, Estonia, greeted by…Russian flag and Soviet national anthem - Advertisement - By Aleksandr Shakun The video of the event is here: J.Hawk’s Comment: The parade, which also included US armored vehicles, passed at one point within 300 meters of the borders with Russia.

At yesterday’s Defence Forces military parade, Aleksei, a native of Narva, was delighted to see the many Estonians around – if but for a few days.

NARVA, Estonia-- Dragoons assigned to Iron Troop, 3rd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment participated, alongside their NATO Allies, in the Estonian Independence Day Parade held in Narva, Estonia, Feb ...

US troops parade in Narva close to Russian border This is highly provocative to say the east.. In 1989 an agreement between Gorbachev and western leaders stated that in return for allowing the reunification of Germany NATO would not move "a single inch" to the East.

US and British army parade 300 yards from Russia border American armoured vehicles and British soldiers parade through Estonian border city of Narva, as tensions between Russia and the West ...

The President of Estonia organises a festive Independence Day reception at which state decorations are awarded to recipients whose names are published in advance. Both the parade and the reception is held in different years in different cities; in 2014 they were held in Pärnu , and in 2015 in Narva , with that year's parade featuring ...

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