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planet ocean hotel

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels, LLC. (Key West Florida, USAKW) – August 3, 2018 – In 1984, Tony Webb was the youngest person in the world who was the Agency Owner for EXXON Office Systems Company and now 34 years later ... Tony Webb and the world's largest industrial corporation will do a deal ...

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel Florida is not just an idea or a bucket list vacation destination, but a dream come true for all those adventurers, oceanographers and sea lovers, who’ve been seeking a luxurious getaway under the sea.

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel added 2 new photos. February 2 at 3:15 AM · Last week was sitting at the Havana Copacabana bar, and a very well educated Italian informed me about Dominican Republic’s magnificent marine life and underwater beauty.

The world of underwater hotels seems to be saturated with promises as much as it does promise. One firm hoping to make waves is Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel.

Then next we build more Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels in Japan for Indonesia and the Maldives. ... Full details at See more. Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel. ... Japan, your Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel VIP Guest opportunity will come true November 2019.

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel Soon there may be one more to choose from for the traveling, novelty-seeking scuba diver: Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel just received U.S. patent-protection on their concept and design, making it possible for the backers to move forward with the idea.

The future of tourism is a $20 million hotel that takes guests 30 feet underwater. He wants the hotel to become a testing ground for a variety of programs, including for BioRock, an artificial reef system. After being awarded the patent, Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel is now in stage two of building the hotel and finding a location to test their design.

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel has just received patent approval, and designers are looking to begin construction A 12-room luxury vessel, the hotel will be located 28ft under the sea with ...

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel, Florida. The project is aiming to be an 'affordable' underwater hotel (rates are estimated at $3,000 to $6,000 for two), and includes a lounge, dining area and an underwater elevator set to plunge from the floating catarmaran section above the water down to the capsule rooms below.

Group Touting Underwater Luxury Hotel Near Key West. Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel, based near Key West, Florida, highlighted the concept on Monday. The pod-style room, which is accessed via an underwater elevator, includes a “King Neptune” bed, a bathroom with a shower, an Italian leather love seat, an HDTV, air conditioning,...

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