Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills

rodeo drive beverly hills

rodeo drive beverly hills

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Center of Rodeo Drive & Via Rodeo in Beverly Hills. Nexus of Rodeo Drive & Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Versace. Photographing on Via Rodeo in Beverly Hills, California. Getting around fashionably in Beverly Hills "TORSO" Statue at the entrance to Rodeo Drive.

center of Beverly Hills, along Rodeo Drive, droves of... More. tourists peak into ultra-luxurious boutiques hoping to catch a glimpse of someone famous. Off of Rodeo Drive however is where some of the most affluent Angelenos occupying the streets of Beverly Hills come for

Beverly Hills is known around the world as one of the most fashionable places to shop. In the heart of it all sits Rodeo Drive – undeniably one of the most famous streets on the globe.

The Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel at Rodeo Drive and Wilshire is the place where characters Vivian and Edward — played by Julia Roberts and Richard Gere — found love in the 1991 film, Pretty Woman.The hotel's Lobby Bar looks out into Rodeo Drive and serves wine by the glass.

By 1978 the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce was boasting that Rodeo Drive was "the essence of the best of all the shopping centers of the world" and by 1980 the city of Beverly Hills estimated that the Rodeo Drive shopping district accounted for as much as 25% of its sales tax revenues.

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