Sochi Hotel Horrors

sochi hotel horrors

sochi hotel horrors

With light bulbs, WiFi, door handles -- and even the doors themselves -- noticeably absent from many hotels housing the media, members of the press are sharing their horror stories on Twitter.

Six Sochi hotel horrors /or why communism sucks in several pertinent photos

More shocking photos are surfacing of the hotel conditions journalists are finding in Sochi for the Olympics. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Adam Pretty/Getty Images(SOCHI, Russia) -- The honey is definitely natural. The bee inside the honey packet proves it.The small -- but perhaps telling -- example reflects the ick factor thousands ...

The small - but perhaps telling - example reflects the ick factor thousands of athletes and visitors to Sochi are experiencing just three days before the start of the Olympic games.

- Since the olympic town of Sochi wasn't close to being done, its residents decided to have some fun while they waited for the games to begin -The reporters and athletes started to live tweet their ridiculous but unfortunately true occurrences so the world could know just how

Sochi Visitors Report Hotel Horrors, Dangerous Conditions. Matt Gutman. ABC News ... It's not just the hotel horrors. Olympic officials are also scrambling to make last-minute changes to a ...

Despite billions of dollars having been poured into the Olympic Village and infrastructure of Sochi, the conditions for visiting journalists are rustic to the extreme.

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