Spooky Abandoned Hotels

spooky abandoned hotels

spooky abandoned hotels

Standing at the corner of Broad Street and Fairmont Avenue in North Philadelphia, The Divine Lorraine Hotel is an abandoned hotel with a future. Derelict since 1999, the hotel has attracted ruin aficionados, graffiti artists, and vandals to its 11-story playground -- but plans are well underway to restore the iconic building to its former glory.

In the high street was an undertakers, and around 60 years ago it was reputed that the hotel was haunted by a ghost called “The Grey Lady”, because she wore a grey cloak with a hood.

The property was rebuilt in 1947 as a hotel, then remodeled in 1973. When it’s then-owner, faith healer Tony Agpaoa, died in 1982, the property fell into disrepair and was shuttered. The hotel has been decaying for more than 30 years and locals and visitors alike claim that it is haunted by the spirits of those killed during the war.

One of the most haunted hotels in New Jersey is Cape May’s Hotel Macomber. It is claimed that there are multiple spirits haunting the boutique hotel including a waitress in shabby clothing who haunts the dining room and kitchen.

40 Most Creepy Abandoned Places In The World That Will Scare You Silly. Manaal Siddiqui Miny. Facebook. Twitter. ... The old retro bar in the abandoned Pines Hotel. tumblr 24. The abandoned hanging room in a coal mine. (Miner’s bathroom) deviantart 25. ... A co-founder at InyMiny, Manaal is a party animal. She loves to cook, travel to exotic ...

Bokor Palace Hotel and Casino fell into the former and flourished until the 1940s when the area was abandoned due to the Vietnam conflict. The location is believed to be actively haunted by the ghosts of the estimated 1,000 workers that perished while constructing the facility in the 1920s. Today, the spot is a famous tourist attraction.

Colorado's Stanley Hotel spooked horror master Stephen King and inspired the setting for "The Shining." Want to go on your own "spooky sojourn?" Brave one of the Stanley Hotel's ghost tours, including a five-hour ghost hunt and popular night tour.

I WENT EXPLORING AN ABANDONED HOTEL AND IT WAS SUPER HAUNTED HOTEL! THIS WAS A CREEPY EXPLORATION VLOG! Today Carter Sharer and Lizzy Sharer went on a road trip to an abandoned hotel. This hotel ...

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