St James Haunted Hotel

st james haunted hotel

st james haunted hotel

Haunted St. James Hotel in Cimarron. The St James Hotel was built in 1872 by Henri Lambert (later changed to Henry) and was originally called Lambert’s Inn. Its saloon, restaurant and 43 rooms were witness to at least 26 murders during Cimarron’s wilder days. Clay Allison , Black Jack Ketchum , Jesse James,...

Minnesota’s Haunted St. James Hotel. Red Wing, Minnesota’s St. James Hotel embraces it. Ask for the haunted rooms and they’ll direct you to the 3rd floor. Room 310 is Clara’s room, the ghost of Clara Lillyblad who owned the hotel from 1932 to 1972. The hotel was erected in 1875 during Red Wing’s wheat-trading boom and was one...

BY JILL SWEATMAN. It wasn't long before Lambert's Saloon became wildly popular, catering to the cowboys, traders, miners, frontiersman, and many others traveling this last leg of the Sante Fe Trail. The Saloon did so well, in fact, that in 1880 Henri added 30 guest rooms and the St. James Hotel was born.

Haunted St. James Hotel in Cimarron. An annex was also added to the hotel that houses an additional 10 rooms. The hotel retains its historic ambiance with antique chandeliers, velvet drapes, thick carpets covering its old wooden floors, brocade wallpapering, and many of the original furnishings of the hotel.

The History Behind One Of New Mexico’s Most Haunted Hotels Is Truly Terrifying. You can encounter ghosts in locations as diverse as restaurants and battlefields. Many of these restless spirits date back to the days of the Wild West; during that period, one of the wildest places in the state was the Northern New Mexico town of Cimarron. The St. James Hotel and Restaurant, located in Cimarron, was built in 1872.

St. James Hotel (Cimarron, New Mexico) Jump to navigation Jump to search. The St. James Hotel, located in historic downtown Cimarron, New Mexico, is a historic hotel, restaurant and bar. It is known for its legendary status of being haunted by the spirits of men murdered there in the 19th century during northeastern New Mexico's "wild west" days.

Visit the historic St. James Hotel in Red Wing, Minnesota. The St. James Hotel prides itself as being one of the top places to stay in Red Wing, MN.

Become a St. James insider for special promotions & exclusive events “We have nothing but praise for our experience! The hotel, the restaurant were wonderful along with a very impressive and warm staff!” ...

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