Stanley Hotel Ghosts

stanley hotel ghosts

stanley hotel ghosts

Paul, one of the well-known ghosts haunting The Stanley, was a jack-of-all trades around the hotel. Among his duties? Enforcing an 11 p.m. curfew at the hotel, which could be why guests and workers hear “get out” being uttered late at night. The area is also a favorite spot for hotel founder Flora Stanley’s ghost to play the piano.

As the location that inspired The Shining, the Stanley Hotel is notorious for bizarre and unexplained paranormal activity. Each of its 140 rooms holds a secret, each of its walls tells a story. But is that unassuming hotel in Estes Park, Colorado really haunted by the ghosts of its past residents?

Stanley Hotel ghost story supported by evidence of Room 217 event Pieces of drywall, carpet found from 1911 explosion in Stanely Hotel Room 217 By Barb Boyer Buck

The story of the Stanley Hotel itself began in 1903 when Yankee inventor Freelan Oscar Stanley arrived in the valley, weak and underweight from the symptoms of consumption. To his amazement, just one season here was enough to restore his health to better than before! Overjoyed, he vowed to return each summer for the rest of his life.

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The Stanley Hotel is actually famous for ghostly sightings and experiences. So much so that Stephen King was inspired to write “The Shining” after staying there in the 1970s.

A photograph taken at the Colorado hotel that helped to inspire Stephen King ’s bestselling novel “The Shining” shows what appears to be two “ghosts.” The Mausling family of Aurora, Colorado, participated in a “ spirit tour ” at the 108-year-old  Stanley Hotel in Estes Park last month.

Ghosts of The Haunted Stanley Hotel The Stanley Hotel rests on a bed of quartz and limestone, which many believe to be responsible for helping spirits energy remain strong within the building. This is just one theory that attempts to explain the high instances of paranormal activity within the haunted Stanley Hotel.

The Stanley Hotel has hosted the following persons of note: 1934 - Erich Fromm , the German psychoanalyst [22] 1936 - Gov. Alf Landon (R, Kansas) while running for president against Franklin Delano Roosevelt [23] [24]

A visitor to the hotel that inspired Stephen King to write "The Shining" has snapped a photo of what some believe is a ghost. Henry Yau took a panoramic image of the lobby of the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, this week.

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