Stanley Hotel Orbs

stanley hotel orbs

stanley hotel orbs

Spooky tales from Colorado's Stanley Hotel are well-known, but now one of the hotel's most famous ghosts, "Lucy", may have been captured on film for the first time.

Went there for my birthday and got some orbs.

Oh, and bring up back-up batteries because paranormal experts will tell you if spirits are present, they’ll have a draining effect on your batteries. Now you’re ready to capture orbs. (A television screen outside of the The Stanley Hotel’s tour office features plenty of ghosts caught on camera by tour guests).

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado The picture below shows Alex the tour guide outside of room 401 and on his foot is what may be a "ghost orb." Ghost orbs are considered by some to be ghosts that appear as glowing balls in photographs.

And finally, an orb, that I caught at 4 in the morning to the right hallway of my hotel room. Allman’s mention of yet another guest who heard a “big thump” that night corroborates that the mysterious bang was clearly not the fall of a Mountain Dew bottle. Here is a picture of several orbs floating around our room.

Ghostly image captured at the Stanley Hotel, the inspiration for 'The Shining'

While staying the night in room 217 at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Parks, Colorado, my partner and I experienced three strange events we will probably ... In addition to taking pictures of orbs that were floating outside of room 217 the previous night, he too said he was woken up from what he described as a “loud boom.” ... My Haunted Life ...

Co-inventor of the Stanley Steamer motorcar (with his twin brother, Francis), Stanley brought many new technologies to Estes Park and his hotel.

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado is believed by many to be haunted by ghosts, and one family's photo is the latest to attempt to give credence to the ghostly claims.

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