Tokio Hotel Lead Singer

tokio hotel lead singer

tokio hotel lead singer

Bill Kaulitz. Bill Kaulitz (born September 1, 1989), also known mononymously as Billy (stylized as BILLY) for his solo act, is a German singer, songwriter, voice actor, designer, and model. He is best known for his work from 2001 to the present as the lead singer of the band Tokio Hotel .

Tokio Hotel is a German rock band, founded in 2001 by singer Bill Kaulitz, guitarist Tom Kaulitz, drummer Gustav Schäfer, and bassist Georg Listing. Its sound encompasses multiple genres, including pop rock, alternative rock, and electropop.

Tokio Hotel were named Devilish in 2001, but were originally discovered in 2003 when lead singer, Bill Kaulitz, performed for a children's Star Search.

Bill Kaulitz is the lead singer of the band Tokio Hotel. Tom Kaulitz, his twin brother is guitar, Gustav is drums, and Georg is the bassist.

Tokio Hotel has been forced to cancel their sold-out tour while the lead singer undergoes surgery. Bill Kaulitz, lead singer of the German rock band, was diagnosed with a cyst on his vocal chords ...

Tokio Hotel lead singer Bill Kaulitz transforms himself into a beautiful woman in the video clip for the band’s new song Boy Don’t Cry. The video sees the singer applying make-up and donning a wig before heading out onto the dance floor.

The Ugly Truth About Tokio Hotel. Amid this uncertain apocalypse stands Tokio Hotel's lead singer, Bill Kaulitz, with his boyish looks, girlish hips, and streaked, gravity-defying mane (think Sonic the Hedgehog meets Nikki Sixx). Kaulitz is certain he can make it after all, which is exactly what his group has done.

Tokio Hotel was the first pop/rock band I've ever went to. As most fans know the lead singer (Bill Kaulitz) has a unique style of fashion. Their intro was amazing. At the House of Blues-Chicago they had this sheer sheet on the stage.

The Tokio Hotel lead singer is idolised by thousands of women across the world, although he has reportedly been single for six years.. But it seems that Bill (20) has fallen for a punk of his own ...

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