Tokio Hotel Lead Singer

tokio hotel lead singer

tokio hotel lead singer

Bill Kaulitz. Bill Kaulitz (born September 1, 1989), also known mononymously as Billy (stylized as BILLY) for his solo act, is a German singer, songwriter, voice actor, designer, and model. He is best known for his work from 2001 to the present as the lead singer of the band Tokio Hotel .

Tokio Hotel is a German rock band, founded in 2001 by singer Bill Kaulitz, guitarist Tom Kaulitz, drummer Gustav Schäfer, and bassist Georg Listing. Its sound encompasses multiple genres, including pop rock, alternative rock, and electropop.

Tokio Hotel Lead Singer Undergoing Vocal-Cord Surgery. Bill Kaulitz, lead singer of the German rock band, was diagnosed with a cyst on his vocal chords, the Bild newspaper reported Tuesday. “Bill had been treated by a physician early last week for an inflammation of his vocal cords,” Tokio Hotel producer and manager David Jost told...

The lead singer, Bill Kaulitz, and his twin who is the guitarist, Tom Kaulitz, were born in Leipzig (Germany). The drummer, Gustav Schafer, was born in Magdeburg (Germany … The bassist, Georg ...

Lead singer of the band Tokio Hotel whose first single, "Monsoon," reached #1 in Germany within a month. In 2016, he began performing under the stage name Billy, releasing his debut EP I'm Not OK.

Tokio Hotel's Bill Kaulitz: 'Love Is Not About Gender' ... lead singer Bill Kaulitz and the other members of Tokio Hotel have set out to make a historic moment of their own as they prepare to ...

Bill Kaulitz is the lead singer of Tokio Hotel. He was born on 1 September 1989 in Leipzig, Germany. His identical twin brother is Tom Kaulitz, who is older by ten minutes, and he also plays the guitar in the band. When he and his brother were seven, their parents, Simone and Jörg Kaulitz, separated.

Her Tokio Hotel lead singer counterpart wore all black for their date, showing off his edgy and colorful tattoos through an un-buttoned long sleeve, among his many other piercings.

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