Tokio Hotel Symbol

tokio hotel symbol

tokio hotel symbol

Well if you would look at the Symbol carefully There's a T and a H The H is Sideways Put them together and you get TH TH is an abbreviation for Tokio Hotel.

How did Tokio Hotel come up with their symbol? if you look in the middle, there is a T, and if you turn it sideways, there is an H. and so it is TH for tokio hotel share with friends.

Musically speaking, Tokio Hotel is the fallout from Fall Out Boy. The sound is just as calculated, contrived, and unintentionally comical as the look, but the whole package works anyway.

this shows how tokio hotel came up with their logo/symbol Check out my blog!

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The Symbol of the Tokyo Metropolis (東京都のシンボルマーク, Tōkyō-to no Shinboru Māku) was adopted on June 1, 1989, under the Metropolitan Announcement No. 577 (告示第577号).. The design was selected by the Tokyo Metropolitan Symbol Selection Committee (東京都シンボルマーク選考委員会) from 20 candidates. The winning design was created by Rei Yoshimura (レイ ...

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