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Tokio Hotel is a German rock band, founded in 2001 by singer Bill Kaulitz, guitarist Tom Kaulitz, drummer Gustav Schäfer, and bassist Georg Listing. Its sound encompasses multiple genres, including pop rock, alternative rock, and electropop.The quartet has scored four number-one singles and has released three number-one albums in its native country.

It became Tokio Hotel's fourth single to have reached Number 1 on the German and Austrian charts. Zimmer 483 was released on 23 February 2007, and reached the top spot on the German albums chart. The album's second single, " Spring nicht ", was released on 7 April, charting at Number 3 in Germany, 7 in Austria, and 21 in Switzerland.

Scream, the debut English album by German band Tokio Hotel, contains English versions of songs from two of their previous albums: Schrei and Zimmer 483. Eight of the twelve songs come from Zimmer 483 while the remaining four originated from Schrei. The name Scream is the English translation of the name of the first Tokio Hotel album, Schrei.

Members [change | change source] Bill Kaulitz (born September 1 1989, in Leipzig, Germany) is the lead singer of Tokio Hotel. He is the twin brother of Tom Kaulitz. Bill is ten minutes younger than Tom. They used to live in Magdeburg, Germany. Before making Tokio Hotel, the band was called Devilish.

International breakthrough (2007–2008) As Tokio Hotel's fanbase increased in the Western part of the world, Kaulitz and the band decided to re-record select songs from both Schrei and Zimmer 483 for a new English-language LP so that fans around the world could understand the band's songs.

"Durch den Monsun" (English: Through the Monsoon) and "Monsoon" are songs by German rock band Tokio Hotel. The German version of the song "Durch den Monsun" was released as their debut single in 2005 from their debut album Schrei .

Schrei is the debut studio album by German rock band Tokio Hotel. In 2006 they released a partly re-recorded and expanded version, Schrei - so laut du kannst . [4] The album was only released in Germany, Italy, France, Canada, and Japan.

Tokio Hotel je nemecká rocková skupina, pochádzajúca z Magdeburgu. Kapela funguje už od počiatku v rovnakom zložení ( Bill Kaulitz – spev, Tom Kaulitz – gitara (klavír), Georg Listing – basa (klávesy), Gustav Schäfer – bicie).

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Tokio Hotel bildades år 2001 och hette då Devilish, men bytte 2004 namn till Tokio Hotel. Gruppen består av Bill Kaulitz ( sång ), Tom Kaulitz ( gitarr ), Georg Listing ( bas ) och Gustav Schäfer ( trummor ).

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