Underwater Hotel Fiji Poseidon

underwater hotel fiji poseidon

underwater hotel fiji poseidon

What makes the Poseidon Undersea Resort so unique? Ours will be the world's first permanent one-atmosphere sea floor structure and the world's first true undersea resort. Guests will enjoy five-star luxury accommodations, all with stunning views of the underwater world.

This is a hotel that is located in Fiji, and it’s underwater! 40 feet below the surface in a lagoon off the coast of Poseidon Mystery Island, Poseidon Underseas Resort is a five-star resort just waiting for you to come visit.

Forty feet under the sea in an off-shore lagoon, the luxury resort is set to house 25 suites, as well as a restaurant, bar, gym, and even an underwater wedding chapel.

Poseidon Undersea Resort: Underwater Luxury In Fiji J.M. Towers Poseidon Undersea Resort: Jules Verne ’s radical imagination predicted, since the 19th century, a series of technological breakthroughs that have been manifested in a very similar manner during our times.

The world's first sea floor resort located on a private island in Fiji. Poseidon Resorts offers exciting adventures with luxury accommodation. It has been 13 years in the making.

Poseidon Resorts | Underwater Hotel In Fiji (VIDEO) Poseidon Resorts is the company behind this magnificent project. Yes, this is intended to become a unique undersea resort, aptly named after the Greek God of the Sea, Poseidon.

Re: Poseidon Underwater Resort Dec 8, 2010, 11:58 PM All I know is that if it all goes to plan it will be built off a privately owned island in north eastern Fiji .

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