Urbex Divine Lorraine Hotel Philadelphia

urbex divine lorraine hotel philadelphia

urbex divine lorraine hotel philadelphia

Abandoned Philadelphia: The Divine Lorraine Hotel Article by SA Rogers , filed under Abandoned Places in the Architecture category One of Philadelphia’s most intriguing buildings stands at a prominent intersection on the north side of the city, a Victorian beauty that once housed wealthy residents and later served as a hotel.

In its heyday, the Divine Lorraine Hotel was an iconic symbol of progress in Philadelphia. Originally known as Lorraine Apartments, the grand building was one of the city’s first high-rise structures, a hitherto unheard of 10 stories tall when it was built in the early 1890s at the corner of Broad Street and Fairmount Avenue.

The historic Divine Lorraine Hotel is on track to open at the end of the year after a $44 million top-to-bottom renovation. Curbed Philly got an exclusive tour of the property's apartments. ... First Look into the Divine Lorraine Renovations ... Divine was the somewhat controversial founder of the International Peace Mission Movement. Under his ...

The grand lobby of the historic building in Philadelphia is finally ready for its close-up. ... The Divine Lorraine lobby restored, in before-after photos. New ... The Divine Lorraine Hotel Renovations. Before-after photos reveal how much the Divine Lorraine lobby has changed;

The Divine Lorraine Hotel or apartments is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This was a March 2014 trip with Jack and Don.

Leasing Apartments Now in Philadelphia's Most Historic Building I want to Live in the Divine Lorraine " ... or more, click the “I Want To Live In The Divine Lorraine” button and we’ll be sure to contact you within 12 hours. The Divine Lorraine Hotel boasts luxury apartments that feature premium birch cabinetry, modern plank flooring ...

I think they recently did a tour of the SS United States. They've previously done walking tours of The divine Lorraine and similar buildings. Also check out their Festival! You can get access to loads of really cool places if you volunteer.

Father Divine was the leader of the International Peace Mission movement. After purchasing the building, Father Divine renamed it the Divine Lorraine Hotel. His hotel was the first of its class in Philadelphia, or indeed in the United States, to be fully racially integrated.

History 1892-2017. Chronology " ... G. Hale, the Lorraine Apartments is one of the most luxurious and best preserved late 19th-century apartment houses in Philadelphia " 1900 ... By the end of 2016 the Divine Lorraine Hotel will be fully operational boasting 101 apartments and bustling lobby with restaurants and retail.

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