Winter Igloo Hotel

winter igloo hotel

winter igloo hotel

Winter Igloos. Now Open! The Next Whisky Bar is pleased to offer five winter igloos for the season. Our cozy, heated igloos are located on the patio of the Next Whisky Bar and can accommodate up to 8 guests each.

4. Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel. Where to find it: Alta, Norway. Why it’s cool: Located on the banks of the Alta River lies Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, the northernmost ice hotel in the world. This hotel has 30 rooms and suites and houses an ice bar, ice chapel and beautiful ice sculptures — in addition to an amazing location to view the Northern Lights.

You may order food from the Lodge Bar and bring it to your igloo. No outside food or drink please. *A non-refundable reservation fee will be billed at the time of booking your reservation. 18% gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more. ***Winter Igloos are fully booked for this season. Please visit us next year!***

The Press Lounge is a warm winter escape at the top of the Kimpton Ink48 Hotel. Enjoy 360 degree views of New York City while dining on small plates and drinking seasonal cocktails. Enjoy 360 degree views of New York City while dining on small plates and drinking seasonal cocktails.

Our winter igloos have a rental fee of $80.00 per igloo. Food and Beverage minimum is 25.00 per person. There is a minimum of 4 guests per igloo. If you would like to make a reservation, please call - 405-282-7789. (Subject to availability) For after hours messages, please email [email protected]

To celebrate the Melbourne igloos, the hotel is throwing an Auburn Lights and Winter Nights party on Saturday, June 23. From 5pm, the garden can expect some light snowing to replicate for for-real winter wonderland, so save the date. Auburn Hotel’s Winter Igloo Garden is open until Tuesday September 18.

The polar night, or kaamos, is a magical period in Lapland. The blue light of twilight, metres and metres of snow, and extreme frost – this is what the heart of winter is made of.

Igloo Hotel is located inside the fridge, otherwise it would melt since snow and ice demands minus degrees. It is quite dark and there are color lights in the ice to make you feel as it is in Lapland during the winter.

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